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Posted - 09/16/2011 09:41am
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Obama launches 'Digital promise'

By Brendan Sasso - 09/16/11 10:59 AM ET

The Education Department provided start-up funding for the new project, which promotes software and "digital tutors."

The White House announced Friday the launch of "Digital Promise," a nonprofit initiative meant to bring more technology to classrooms.

Digital Promise will promote the development of new educational software and will help educators evaluate which products are actually effective, according to the administration.

One of its first projects will be to research the potential for "digital tutors" to help students learn math and other subjects.
The project is an independent nonprofit, but it was authorized by a 2008 law and will receive startup funding from the Education Department and other philanthropies. 

Digital Promise's board will be made up of leaders in education and technology who were appointed by Education Secretary Arne Duncan based on recommendations from Congress.

“Digital Promise is a unique partnership that will bring everyone together – educators, entrepreneurs, and researchers – to use technology to help students learn and teachers teach," President Obama said in a statement. "There’s no silver bullet when it comes to education, but technology can be a powerful tool, and Digital Promise will help us make the most of it.” 

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