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Posted - 08/03/2012 09:21am
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Pilot Program Targets Gifted Rural Students
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Rural advocates have long been concerned about what they see as limited attention and research given to academically adept students in America’s rural schools, compared with their gifted and talented peers in urban settings. Even one of the country’s premiere institutions for serving the most advanced students—the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, in Baltimore—has devoted relatively little attention to rural, high-performing youths in its 33-year history.

The center is starting to address that issue with Rural Connections, a scholarship program launched this summer allowing a handful of low-income, rural students to attend the center’s existing three-week residential program designed to provide academic enrichment.

“We’ve paid less attention to rural education where the problems can be different, but we still have kids who qualify for and need our services,” said Elaine Tuttle Hansen, the executive director of the Center for Talented Youth, which overall serves about 10,000 high-achieving students in its multisite summer residential program annually. “It really adds a component to our overall access priorities.”

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