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College Funding Institute - Cost Reduction Calculator

Financial Aid – Figuring out the confusing financial aid puzzle is a huge challenge!

College Funding Institute provides the tools and information for users to determine the net cost of attending individual colleges. Our interactive calculator is the only tool on the web that calculates the money savings potential to the user. The savings can be achieved by using financial planning strategies.

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The College Funding Institute simplifies the complex process of maximizing financial aid eligibility. Use the specially programmed Cost Reduction Calculator to discover in five minutes or less if it’s possible to reduce the out of pocket costs for college.

There is over 150 billion dollars of aid available and to get your share it’s imperative to understand the college aid process, knowledge is power. Maximizing financial aid is your ticket to paying less for college.

The Cost Reduction Calculator was developed by a team of professional financial college planners. The calculator is available to the public as a free community service to help families determine if they can increase their financial aid awards.