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CSDC, Charter Schools Development Center
Summary: Our goal is to help public education change to a system that encourages schools to be more creative, performance-based centers of teaching & learning.


What We Offer:
The Charter Schools Development Center (CSDC) provides experienced and expert technical assistance, training, and resources to charter school developers, operators, charter-granting agencies, and policy makers in California, nationally, and internationally. CSDC's diverse menu of charter school services includes:

Who We Are:
CSDC staff have extensive, "hands-on" experience in both charter school policy and school-based practice. Our in-depth and practical expertise addresses the most challenging aspects of charter school planning, operations, and oversight including:

  • How to plan and start a charter school
  • Defining and measuring student and school performance
  • Roles and responsibilities of charter-granting agencies
  • Charter school finance, facilities, and operations
  • School governance, personnel, and leadership
  • Charter school law and policy
  • Special Education
  • Charter school accountability and renewal