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Summary: Primarily, our mission is to listen to educators and students, analyze the competition, and then publish the texts, references and electronic resources that the health sciences market demands.

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Mission Statement

Essentially the F.A. Davis mission is to listen carefully to health science educators and their students, analyze the prevailing competition, identify capable authorship, and then publish the finest texts, references, and resources in a wide variety of formats. Our goal is to assert leadership in this market, satisfying the timely need for the most up-to-date, accurate, and informative resources from which students can master their coursework. Our commitment to student needs, in turn serves the role of the educator and the practice of the clinician as one facilitates the preparation of the other.

In a world marred by an excess of mergers and acquisitions, F.A. Davis Company remains as it started over 130 years ago...a family-managed, independent publisher in touch with the grass roots synergy of its customers. The underlying thrust of our mission is to keep it that way.