Summary: Fundink supports schools & organizations looking for free fundraising that’s both profitable & hassle-free.
main_header_logo.png – "Empowering Local Communities Through Print"

Fundink is a revolutionary fundraising program which brings quality personalized and business print products that are easy and fun to customize right to your doorstep while directing a percentage of every sale back to the school or organization of your choice.
Our mission is to empower communities to support local schools and organizations through the sale of high quality personal and business print products.

Fundink is different

Fundink supports schools and organizations nationwide looking for free fundraising that’s both profitable and hassle-free. Sales are web-based, so there are no order forms, no inventory, no financial tracking or volunteer management, and because products are shipped directly to the customer, the organization has no shipping costs. Marketing materials and support are provided free-of-charge with program registration, allowing for the most successful fundraiser with the least amount of work. Fundink is available year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anyone can order any product, at anytime, for any occasion during the year.

Fundink is flexible
Fundink is based on the understanding that each school and organization has different fundraising style and funding needs. While an aggressive, incentive-based program may work for one group, a more relaxed, year-long "word-of-mouth" program may be ideal for another. Fundink offers total flexibility and can easily be customized to suit your group’s specific needs.

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