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Learn NC
Summary: LEARN NC gives you what you need for K–12 teaching and learning, when and where you need it — lesson plans and teaching strategies, classroom text & multimedia, and online courses for teachers and students.

teacher and students at a computer

LEARN NC has been serving teachers and students across North Carolina since 1997. (Photo by UNC News Services. More about the photograph)


All educators, parents, and interested members of the community are welcome! Our website offers a wide array of quality resources for K–12 classroom instruction and teacher professional development, all tied to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. All of our resources, except for online courses, are free and open to the public. Anyone may sign up to receive regular email updates about our resources and services and participate in online discussions.

Our strength is in North Carolina’s public schools. All 115 of North Carolina’s public school systems are working with LEARN NC, as are Independent schools, Catholic schools, and charter schools. Each school system and most individual schools have LEARN NC coordinators, primary contacts who manage professional development workshops and provide ongoing feedback on the design and scope of our organization. For a contact in your school system, see our directory of school system coordinators.