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This information provided by the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

SSEC Data Center

Provides access, maintenance and distribution of real-time and archive weather and satellite data.

SSEC Galleries

picture galleries: Antarctica / Polar, Field Experiments, Environment and Weather ...

Real-Time Imagery and Data


Antarctic images, movies, and weather data

Antarctic satellite images and animations, synoptic weather data, iceberg images, model data ... (Antarctic Meteorological Research Center)


Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (AERI)

Ground-based remote sensing of temperature and water vapor profiles, sea surface temperature/emissivities, cloud properties ...


CIMSS Regional Assimilation System Forecast (CRAS)

Forecasts of various atmospheric parameters, including forecasted satellite images.

Convective Initiation Assessment Products

CLAVR-x Near Real-Time Results

Diagnostic looks of the non-operational STAR CLAVR-x system

Fire Monitoring

Fire monitoring satellite images

Automated Biomass Burning Algorithm (ABBA) GOES satellite images of fires occuring in the western hemisphere (North and South America)


Geostationary weather satellite images

GOES (North and South America), Meteosat (Europe and Africa) , MTSAT (Asia and Australia)

Geostationary image browser

Geostationary Satellite Image Browser

Web page interface for viewing GOES, MTSAT, and Meteosat satellite pictures and movies in multiple image channels and more

Global Satellite Data Collaborations

Global Satellite Data Collaborations

View, mark-up and discuss GOES, MTSAT, Meteosat, and Derived Products images with other people via this web-based, Java interface.

GOES products

GOES Derived Products

Precipitable Water, Lifted Index/CAPE, Cloud Top Pressure, Ozone, Sea-Surface Temperature, ...

GOES Composite

GOES US Full Resolution Visible Image Browser

Full resolution, real-time GOES East/West composite satellite image web page interface with zoom and animation features

Google Earth Imagery

Google Earth Imagery

Real-time satellite imagery (AVHRR, MODIS ...) provided in Google Earth format.

Satellite Imagery

Ground-based Atmospheric Monitoring Instrument Suite (GAMIS)

Information and access to real-time data from environmental instruments (rooftop weather observations and cameras, Lake Mendota Buoy ...)

Hurricane pictures

Hurricane and tropical storm images

Satellite images and derived parameters (winds, vorticity ...) focusing on hurricanes and tropical storms


IDEA: Infusing satellite Data into Environmental Applications

air quality analysis / forecasting data and images


Kalpana Image and Navigation Quality Tiles

Kalpana imagery viewer

Mesoscale Winds

Mesoscale winds

Upper level wind analysis from GOES water vapor winds



Real time MODIS imagery accessible via web browser and Google Earth


PDA Animated Weather (PAW)

PAW is a PDA friendly weather web site that contains real-time images, graphics and text formated for display on PDA devices equiped with high resolution color displays.


Polar orbiting weather satellite images

Continental U.S. Terra/Aqua MODIS pictures and movies

Polar Clouds

Real-Time Polar Remote Sensing Products

Plots of near real-time surface, cloud, and radiative properties over the Arctic and Antarctic, using AVHRR satellite data and the CASPR software package


Satellite composite images

including the SSEC Global Montage, Rotating Globe movie, and Antarctic composite

Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Temperature

Satellite derived sea surface temperatures.


SOSE Real-time satellite image viewer

View real-time satellite data around the world.

Storm Tracker

Storm Tracker Analysis Tool and Archive

An interactive tool for tracking convective clusters from satellite and radar data


Volcano watch

Satellite pictures covering the top ten active volcanoes from around the world

Local Weather

Wisconsin and Midwest Weather

Weather observations, forecasts, meteograms, radar ...



provides access to NOAA's real-time environmental data and products

Data Center Archive

SSEC Data Center Archive

Archive of geostationary satellite data and NOAAPORT point, grid, and text weather data


University of Wisconsin-Madison Lidar Group

Active remote sensing of atmospheric profiles using a ground-based laser.


CIMSS Satellite Blog

A weblog of meteorological satellite imagery relevant to current weather events

Satellite Imagery

Wisconsin View - Satellite Imagery

Remote sensing imagery in Wisconsin


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