Parenting support resources for student health and safety

Parenting Support Resources & Information

Parents say that raising their children is the most rewarding aspect of their lives—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, or that parents always have all the answers.

WebSchoolPro is compiling resources to help parents deal with and discuss important subjects with their children.

  • Drugs — Learn about the types of peer pressure students face, how to talk about the dangers of drug use and how to determine if your teen is using drugs at Parents. The Anti Drug

  • Health - If you have health concerns about your children, the American Academy of Pediatrics' site provides excellent children's health information.

  • Media - Today's children have unprecedented access to information and experiences through computers, the internet, video games, TV, and cell phones. Common Sense Media gives parents critical information about digital media choices like the latest "must have" video games.

  • Safety - Keeping your children safe is a primary responsibility of all parents. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children provides resources for keeping kids safe.

  • Sex — Talking to your kids about sexuality, puberty, and your values is important. There's No Place Like Home ... For Sex Education provides age-specific information for helping parents with these discussions.

  • Trauma - Helping youth & children recover from traumatic events. Download the PDF from REMS. The Los Angles Unfied School District has also published some excellent information on their Trauma Services Adaptation Center for Schools website at

You can find other General Recovery and Mental Health Resources here, including links to: