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The Parents Institute
Summary: The mission of The Parent Institute is to encourage parent involvement in the education of their children.

The mission of The Parent Institute is to encourage parent involvement in the education of their children. The Parent Institute publishes a variety of materials including newsletters, booklets, audio CDs, brochures, videos and presentation kits.

The Parent Institute is a division of NIS, Inc., an independent, private corporation founded in 1989 by educators with extensive experience working with public and private schools in the U.S. and Canada. The corporation has two operating subdivisions: The Parent Institute and The Teacher Institute.

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The Parent Institute Publications Are Research-Based

All materials published by The Parent Institute are research-based. Topics for all materials we publish are first identified through scientific surveys of practicing education leaders to make sure the topics are relevant to educators' needs and of high priority interest. Then each publication is developed by professional writers using the best scientific research available. During the developmental stages and continuing through the final editing process, our editors consult with education experts and review the research to be sure that there is evidence that each program, practice or idea recommended is accurately described and actually works.

The Parent Institute is not aligned with, nor do we attempt to represent, any political or religious groups, instructional strategies, pedagogical philosophies, commercial vendors, government or private agencies. We are funded solely by sale of the materials we publish. We accept no grants or contracts from outside agencies. Instead, we exercise unbiased, independent judgment informed by the best, most scientific research available. If we are convinced by the evidence that a program, practice or idea is educationally sound, it is a candidate for publication. Otherwise we will not print it.

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